Youth Education Overview

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DA Shaffer Talks to High School Students

Bradford Area School Students had a moving presentation about Drinking and Driving. Prom and graduation time often see an increase in underage drinking and driving under the influence related crashes. McKean County District Attorney, Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer shared an emotional plea with the students not to be a victim like those we recently seen in the crash on 219, “I don’t want to come to another crash scene and see any of you and have to ask Corporal Race to check again in hopes you are ok.” Corporal Race then shared signs of impairment and begged students to not put themselves at risk. Corporal Race said, “There are other ways to have fun and celebrate, it isn’t worth the risk!” Students were able to speak one on one with PSP and DA Vettenburg-Shaffer. Many students said it made them really think about their choices and they hope their fellow classmates do the same and that everyone is safe this prom and graduation season.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc. coordinated this event with the Bradford Area School District. Shown above: Mr. Dave Ray, BASD High School Principal, Corporal Ted Race of the Pennsylvania State Police, McKean County DA Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer, Greta Billings of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc., and Trooper Bruce Morris of PSP Ridgway.

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DA Shaffer Speaks with Middle School Students

Floyd C. Fretz Middle School: “We were fortunate to have Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer, our District Attorney, and Corporal Ted Race from our State Police join us this morning. Set up through Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, both were able to provide valuable information and answer multiple questions from our students. A huge thank you for joining us today.”


Looking Out for Our Youth

District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer speaks to a large crowd of young men and woman about the importance of safety. She truly is looking out for the youth in our area.