My opponent has spoken of a particular Indiana extradition case.  He claims that County taxpayers are on the hook for “thousands” in extradition costs.  The truth is, the cost of the extradition was $633.60.  The case was withdrawn when the defendant established a valid legal defense.

When it comes to fiscal responsibility, my opponent should look to his own house.

According to

In 2013, the year before my opponent became the public defender, the annual budget for that office was $349,870.00.  In 2019, its proposed budget is $520,786.00 – a 48.85% increase of $170,916.00 .

Further, when my opponent claims a conflict within his office, the public is required to pay for court-appointed lawyers to represent defendants .  That cost to the county taxpayers in 2013 was $126,475.  In 2018, the cost to the taxpayers increased to $179,060 – a 42% increase.

From 2013 through 2018, the public defender’s budget increased 46%.  During the same time, the District Attorney’s budget went up a mere 7%.  It should be remembered that the District Attorney’s office prosecutes nearly all crimes in the County.  The public defender’s office, which has the same number of attorneys, defends only a fraction of those cases.